cat boarding room

Cattery Park Estates

We think cats are far too discerning and sophisticated for crates and cages.  We offer four story kitty town homes to provide cats with the luxury they deserve.  There’s even plenty of space for multiple cats from the same family to stay together in the same townhome.

cat boarding

Our kitty townhomes are located in a private cats-only room that is insulated for sound to create a serene environment for our feline guests. Daily cleaning, attention, and love from our caring staff (as well as laser light shows) are always complimentary.

luxury cat boarding

Soaking up sunshine in #207

While all our feline accommodations are deluxe, we must mention 207 Cattery Park Way.  This over-sized townhome has it’s own window view of the side yard as well as extra perches and room to romp.  It’s perfect for multiple cats with an upper and lower window perch so two cats can sit in the window simultaneously.

long term cat boarding

We understand life sometimes throws a wrench in your plans.  So, we’re here for you with competitive long term stay discounts that are dependent on length of stay as well as seasonality.  Most importantly, we have the type of cat boarding facility where long term boarders have have opportunity to roam outside their townhome as they explore Cattery Park Estates.


  • It is preferred you bring your pet’s food from home.
  • Cats are required to be vaccinated for rabies and feline distemper prior to boarding.
  • $10 late fee incurred after noon checkout time.

Off – peak Pricing:

  • $18/night – Cat Condo (atrium view)
  • $21/night – Cat Townhome (lobby window view)
  • $23/night – Cat Villa (oversized & exterior window view)

$4/Night Peak Pricing Premium:

  • May 21 – Sept 8
  • Nov 20 – Nov 30
  • Dec 15 – Jan 5

Discounts (may be combined):

  • 10% military discount
  • 20 – 30% multi-pet discount (depending on number of pets)
  • 15% extended stay discount (two weeks or more)

Cat Boarding FAQ

Does my cat get a chance to explore outside of his/her townhome?
Yes… we allow your cat outside his/her townhome (one family at a time) to play and explore in Cattery Park Estates.  Additionally, our staff enjoy getting out the laser light to let your cat chase the laser all over the room.

What should I bring from home?
Food, medications, and vaccine records (if we don’t already have a record of them) are the only necessary items.
If you wish, you may bring a toy or bed, although we prefer to provide our own bedding and toys.

What vaccines must my cat have?
FVRCP and Rabies

Can I also board my hamster, bird, or other exotic pet?
We do this on a case by case basis, but generally, if you have a cage for your pet, we’d be more than willing to keep your pet at our facility.